Open up the bottle! Unleash data power

SODA stands for Sino Open Data Apps. It is the flagship open data challenges series in China.

Do you know?Governments and Corporates hold a huge amount of data about our city and everyday life. What if we can open up those data? Then the great power could be unleashed!

You can make data valuable!

Data is just numbers. It is cold but you can use it and make it useful to the city and its citizens!

We believe the participants of citizens is the key to urban innovation. SODA invites everyone like you to use data resources and create new values.

SODA is a Platform for Participation

Open Data means Collaboration. The city is considered as a platform and everyone is part of the platform. Jointly, we can create a modern, inclusive, and fun space for innovation!

The future of the city is determined by you! Through SODA, we hope you can join us to create a better future!

The Focuses of SODA

Since 2017, SODA focueses on Future Business, Smart Mobility, Green Development and Wellbeing&Healthcare.

Data Heroes, please join us and sign up now!